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Kilalaverse Shipping Meme by IraeCoal
Kilalaverse Shipping Meme
It's been forever...and I wanna draw...wanna draw fanart of others figured it was time for this. So my ships of :iconkilala97:s characters

Ah that lone blue line...sorry StarDel, I'm just not that into you. I don't hate ships though, waste of time and energy. Dislike is even too strong for me, so more of a "
meh no thanks" is as far as I'll go lol.

Disclaimer: Shouldn't need to state this and wont often, but spoiler: these are my opinions. You disagree, that's fine. My opinions shouldn't bother you enough to have me need to state the obvious ;3

Characters (c) :iconkilala97:
Meme Revamp (c) :iconunoriginai:
Original Meme (c)  :iconemmalinemagentamay:
MYO Fluke Entry by IraeCoal
MYO Fluke Entry
I wish I could have added more to show off more character to the design, but this is my entry for :ioncheepers: MYO Fluke contest. I have yet to think of a proper name for him, but I was having fun working in the colors I wanted to use and his behavior.

Job: Collecting socks people mistakenly believe to be missing (Naughty 8D)

This fluke is a mild yet curious fellow, who loves to take random assortments of socks, leaving the owner shy of a pair. This creature makes home inside the foundations of houses, using windy paths to get in and out of your laundry room without being seen. Sometimes if you are lucky you can hear it taking a fun whirl inside your dryer; usually by hearing sudden thuds and bangs one would assume to be a bundle of clothes falling over each other. It uses it's monkey like tail to swing into difficult spaces for quick escapes. Sensitive furs on its tail make it work as another hand. It is bipedal and will sometimes scurry along on it's birdlike feet, but will run on all fours when threatened and to fit into tighter spaces; or when reaching down to investigate things with its rodent like hands.

Batches of it's fur resemble bundles of dust -dust bunnies- which sheds often and can be a trail leading to proof of its existence. This fluke loves nesting in tight places and can be very finicky of its nest and territory. Using its dusty fur and other objects, it will gather random bits to make it's nest, socks being an excellent source of bedding. Aside from being built into its nest, it is a mystery to why it gathers socks as not all is used for its personal use.
So I have registered for my booth at EQLA and in the nick of time as well, for in just three days registration had closed O.o. I was glad i did it and what a deal it was! You get a bigger table and two badges cheaper than getting the smaller table and two tickets to the convention. It was amazing, but I will be having a huge table now so I will have to draw a bunch of prints to get ready to sell there. Plus I will be making more merchandise as well, key chains, buttons, maybe even necklaces etc. Still trying to think of things to sell so any advice would be wonderful! Anything you would like to see me sell at my table? Feel free to drop it here!

Also never fret, I will be working on my commissions from Unicon and LasPegAssist soon. It has been stressful at work with crunch time coming up. We are preparing Moebius for GDC later this month so its been all hands on deck, and near the end of it I have caught a minor cold. Nothing major but it's a bit irritating, leaving me sniffing and blowing so much my head begins to feel fuzzy. But this weekend is not overtime for me so I can finally sit down and finish these commissions. I will be posting a progress soon of each commission so you all can keep track of the progress.

Well that's it for now! Hope to see you all at EQLA! It should be a blast!



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lol Naw everything is pretty easy to get out. I think if anything the mocha stains take longer to fade. ^__^'
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Your B-day is in 1 days

Jest tell me:
1 Layer on the cake
White BackGround
6 Candles, from left to right,, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple/Violate.
* what Color is the Cake?
if you want Icing/Frosting on it, and what Color?
*  your Deviant-Name or your NickName

And I will make it!

Please answer you order like this:
Layers: 1;
BackGround: White;
Candles: 6: left to right,, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple/Violate;
Cake: ___;
Icing/Frosting: ___;

p.s. It cast only one "(Cake Badge)"!

if you can!

P.S. PLEASE tell me if you DON'T want a CAKEPLEASE.

P.s. For the Specific ColorShadeplease say the Hexidecimal-Codes of the ColorShade that you want.…

p.s. If you don’t want one of the choice on your cake, don’t write it, and specify if you want Your-Name on the cake!

p.s. If you want, you can tell me the Tipe that you want.…
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